Frequently Asked Questions

Will your system change my file names?

Dv will not change your existing file names. It will not change their location either. It will index the files and the words they contain. It will also use the folder names, file names and file properties to create a powerful index of your files with no need for manual data entry.

Do you store the files in the database?

We store the files in windows folders. This allows you to choose the folder structure and their locations. We do not store the files in the database for the following reasons;

  1. If you change or add one file you need to back up the entire database
  2. If the database is corrupted or lost all documents are lost
  3. If you choose to stop using the software in the future you have complete access to the files and data with no need to convert information.
  4. It makes it difficult to distribute files across servers and locations. This prevents have files close to where they are accessed the most.

How do you protect the files from unauthorised access?

You can remove access to the windows folders containing the files. The only access to the files is then through the Dv web interface. Access can be controlled based on the person’s authority. There is also a full audit trail to record activity.

What version naming convention do you use?

Dv allows you to decide the version control naming convention. For example A,B,C or 1,2,3 or A,B,C,0,1 based on the stage in the process the drawing is at. You can also choose when the document changes versions.

Can we use a different version methodology for different projects?

With Dv you can setup different version control methodology, naming convention and folder structure for different projects. This allows you to conform with your clients requirements.

How do you make sure project members use the correct template, structure and file naming?

First Dv makes it easier to use the correct templates, folder and filenames. By making it easier staff is more likely to confirm to the standards. Secondly Dv removes the ability to create unauthorised structures. The operator clicks a button to create a drawing or a series of drawings. After choosing the project they are offered a choice of templates. The individual files, folders, versions and file naming is automatically assigned.

Do we have to buy a license for each user of the software?

Dv supports true concurrent licensing. This allows you to install on an unlimited number of desktops and add an unlimited number of users to the system. Dv only limits the number of people that can be logged on at one time. As soon as a person is logged out the license is immediately released there is no delay.

Do you support AutoCAD 2011 files?

Yes we support the viewing, printing and the management of the reference files.

What is different between your software and all the other document management software?

We make it easier to implement. We reduce the burden of maintaining the system. We ensure if you move to any other system none of the information or knowledge is not lost. We ensure the solution works they way you work. We always ask the important question is this going to improve productivity or create burden. Dv is designed to reduce the burden of compliance and management of information.

Why should we buy your software over Sharepoint?

Sharepoint is a complimentary product to Dv. Dv manages drawings and their reference files. Dv offers comprehensive version control. Dv focus is on solutions the technical drawing market. Sharepoint is a portal for sharing documents.

Do I need a separate viewer?

Dv includes a number of viewers so you can view over two hundred file formats with no additional software required.

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The ability to turn layers on and off has saved us printing drawings with too little or too much information. This is especially useful as it is impossible to save drawings in every configuration to suit every user.

Kimberly Clark

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