Why you need Acumen Data

In an increasingly information intensive age, efficient management of information has become a critical issue.

Organisations searching for better ways to manage the ever increasing volume of information generated, received, processed and stored by their employees every day, need look no further than Acumen Data.

In an increasingly information intensive age, management of information has become a critical issue. There has never been a greater imperative for organisations to embrace IT innovations and become more organised.

While organisations have harnessed IT tools to manage most information processing functions – using programs to process words, numbers, drawings and images – they have often failed to implement the very program which would help them manage this vast volume of information, a document management system.

In so many respects, this has been a costly oversight.

Document management industry data (Gartner 2003) research, indicates that ‘knowledge
workers’ waste 20 percent to 30 percent of their time on document management related tasks. It is
estimated professionals spend 5–15 percent of their time reading information, but up to
50 percent searching for it.

These inefficiencies are compounded by the costs associated with management of paper‑based and digital documents outside a document management system.

As you’ll discover, our suite of document management programs allows you to regain control of the information that’s central to your organisation’s workflow processes.

Acumen Data equips progressive organisations with the expertise and tools to better manage the creation, capture, organization, storage, retrieval, manipulation and controlled circulation of documents and drawings.

Improve business processes, increase workplace effectiveness and significantly reduce costs

There are compelling reasons why leading private and public organisations, in some 31 countries, have adopted Acumen Data to streamline their systems and empower their operations.

For these, and the many other users of the Dv family of solutions, we are now helping to ensure that:

  • Documents are no longer lost, misplaced or misfiled.
  • Valuable staff time is no longer wasted in the never ending search for documents.
  • A single access point can be automatically created to contain all electronic documents, files, emails, notes, spreadsheets and presentations that relate to, say, a particular activity, customer or project.
  • You can access and rapidly retrieve information the moment you need it, wherever you need it, from a central repository through Internet Explorer.
  • A drawing’s links to other references, templates and files are fully protected should the latter be subject to modification or deletion.
  • There always strict version control and no confusion about which version has been sent to whom and if all modifications and amendments have been incorporated.
  • Compliance and legislative requirements for document storage are scrupulously met.
    Security is substantially enhanced by controlling access and by minimizing the risk from things such as fire damage.
  • Project files are stored in their native file format so clients can integrate documents with legacy ERP and Mapping systems

DvTDM Links save us a lot of time and reduces errors from mis-typing.

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